Best Quadcopter FPV Videos Collection – Coolest!

Best Quadcopter FPV Videos

One of the best experience of flying a quadcopter is shooting FPV videos. There are so many videos taken by quadcopter hobbyist all over the world, featuring different beautiful scenes. So I thought it might be a great idea to put together a collection of the best quadcopter FPV videos I can find on the internet. People can be inspired  by these videos to help them decide what would be a good place to shoot and what quadcopter makes a good video taking platform. If you are not into quadcopters, just simply enjoy the videos! :-)

Taking videos and photos from the flying Quadcopter is also called aerial video and photography. It is a sophisticated art, and there are so much more we can talk about quadcopter FPV, video shooting and equipment selection etc. I will write some posts about these later on.

For now, just enjoy…

Blackpools Golden Mile

Amazing Beach FPV!

Eiffel Tower – unbelieveable!

Play with Dog

Park and River


FPV Up To 1000 feet!


I have never been to Bali, but this video really makes me want to go there! :-)

Quadcopter in London!

Beautiful Lake

Around the House and Garden – Free Style

Stadium and Highway

Crashed at the end! :-(

Racing Speed FPV at Someone’s Backyard

FPV Quadcopter Flights of Mountains and Village


All credit goes to the video makers. You can visit their channel by clicking the “youtube” logo at the bottom in the video box.

If you have any other cool videos I missed here, feel free to let me know.

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3 thoughts on “Best Quadcopter FPV Videos Collection – Coolest!

  1. Awesome compilation of videos you have there. FPV is definitely the only way to fly. I’ve also compiled a set of best quadcopter videos here:

    My favorite one is the flyover of San Francisco. But there are some other great ones there like the fly over Santa Monica, NYC, and Santa Cruz as well as other aerial videos of snowboarding and tight rope walking!

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