Review: Syma X5SC-1 RTF Mini Quadcopter with Camera


This product review is written by Garfield (member of our Multicopters International Facebook Group) and edited by Oscar. Many thanks to RC online shop Gearbest for sending us the quadcopter sample.

Get your Syma X5SC Here.

The package includes everything you need to begin a great quadcopter flying adventure. You are also given a 4GB SD card and a screw driver, this is a complete ARTF Multirotor.

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Picking Radio Transmitter: Frsky Taranis vs Spektrum DX6i


We talked about what makes a good radio transmitter for multirotors and quadcopters, however it’s still a difficult decision for many new to the hobby. Some are more expensive but rich in features, some are cheaper and comes with potential for lots of upgrades. When Artur started he bought the Spektrum DX6i as his first radio transmitter controller, and recently he purchased the FrSky Taranis X9D Plus.

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DYS BL20A / SN20A Mini Opto ESC – Alternative to KISS ESC


KISS 18A ESC was one of the most popular ESCs, they are super light weight (2g excluding cables) and perform exceptionally well thanks to the higher signal update rates. However I have not personally tried KISS ESC, due to their high price point and frequent incidences of catching fire. Finally DYS has released a similar size/weight ESC that is much cheaper (at $11), yet able to run BLHeli firmware and have oneshot / damping light enabled.

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Build Log – Arris X-Speed 250 Mini Quad


I was having a tough time deciding what parts to put into this frame. I have always wanted to build a mini quad that runs 20A ESCs and 6045 props on 4S, for some serious speed. However the Arris X-Speed 250 frame comes with a PDB that can only handle 40A of current. That means I will have to modify the PDB to add the extra capacity, e.g. adding additional power wires.

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DIY Simple Motor Thrust Measuring Stand Station – Multicopter RC Brushless


When choosing motors and propellers combo, we often just listen to rumours, or what’s suggested by the manufactures. To determine the optimal motor and propellers combination for your quadcopter and multirotors, the most scientific way is to test it yourself. I tried to look for a ready-made motor thrust measuring stand, most of them are either too heavy (made of metal), too expensive, or out of stock. Looks like it’s time for some DIY fun.

Test video at the end of post.

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DIY Wood Quadcopter by Garfield – Group Build Log Contest Entry


This page is written by a group member who entered our build log contest. We are sharing the info hope it would be useful to someone.

This project was initiated to convince me that everything can fly HAHA And because I never surrender too. This project is a Total Improvisation , this means that I look at ALL the spare , all the stuff I recycle ( from RC or not ) wihch are in my boxes , and let my brain do the job.

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